Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 13 October 2009

3:15 p.m. – Room 113, FA


Committee Members Present: Donna Bushey, Mary Carr, Kathy LaBare, Sarah Mosher, Carol Van Riper, Jennifer Whittaker


Committee Absent: BOE, Jerry Griffin, Ray Pritchard, Chris Stromer


Meeting called to order by Mary Carr at 3:25 p.m.


Minutes of 9 June 2009 were approved.


Thank you to Jennifer Whitaker for treats.


Shareholder Reports


            -Open House on 6 September was a success

            -Fontas and Pinnell training October 5-8

            -25+ signed up for lit center study group

            -Bonesteele’s field trip

            -Book Fair a grand success

            -Best theme assemblies have started




            St. Joseph’s

            -PBIS kick off with prizes

            -5th grades to conservation field day at 4-H Camp

            -4th grades to House of History

            -3rd grades to Upper Canada Village

            -Perception Survey and goals look to parent involvement

            -Desserts served at Open House 2 September


            Middle School

            -Reorganization meeting held

            -Surveyed wants for in house staff development day

            -Mr. Stewart presenting 7 Essential Elements of Middle School

            -Data teams formed

            -Sports teams doing extremely well

            -5 week reports out

            -6th grade to High Falls Gorge

            -6th grade fund raising magazine sales

            -Home bases off to a start

            -22 October is Spirit Day with a Pep Rally


            Franklin Academy

            -Met twice, once with Mr. Griffin

            -Survey to increase graduation rate, “Why do you come to school?”

            -Mini-grants for SMART goals

            -Homecoming and Pep Rally

            -Open House 14 October









            -BOE Appreciation Week with apple pies

            -Social gathering 22 October is a pizza party

            -28 October family pumpkin carving

            -28 October ice cream social, book fair, and pumpkin viewing



            -Davis bookfair did exceptionally well

            -Davis Open House successful

            -PTA goal to up membership

            -Trying dual meeting times, some after school, some evening



            -14 October literacy team meets

            -20 October comprehensive strategic development teams meet

            -Attended St. Joe’s faculty meeting

            -Recognized BOE with gifts

            -Calling Service product demo

            -New Microsoft sharepoint service demo

            -E-School data IT snags

            -Regional staff development planning


Old Business

            -Relevance and length of perception surveys questioned

            -Missing parent and student components

            -Expensive, but perhaps grade level sampling

            -Survey Monkey has no feedback component

            -DWSIC now has button on Malone CSD main page


New Business

            -District lice policy questioned, students found with nits being sent back to class



-Next DWSIC meeting 8 December at FA Room 113, 3:15 p.m.


Meeting adjourned by Mary Carr at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa J. Smith

St. Joseph’s Community School