Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 11 May 2010

3:15 p.m. – Room 113, FA


Committee Members Present: BOE (Carol Hunter), Donna Bushey, Keely Dunshee, Kathy LaBare, Laura Hunter, Helen Martin, Carol Van Riper


Committee Absent: McKenzie Briere, Mary Carr, Sophie Child, Rachel Haas, Sarah Mosher, Chris Stromer,  Jennifer Whittaker


Meeting called to order by Carol Hunter at 3:22p.m.


Minutes of 9 March 2010 were approved.


Shareholder Reports


            -Gib Brown visited PMA classes with Van deGraff generator

            -Author Steve Swinburne visited

            -Stephanie Affinito visited literacy centers

            -Grandparents PTA social scheduled for the 15th

            -BEST Assembly will have Flanders Rock‘n’Roll kids

            -19 May Science night at 6 pm

            -Dibels testing starts 17 May

            -2 day conferences being attended by several teachers




            St. Joseph’s

            -1st Family Fun Night was successful

            -Author Natalie Kinsey-Warnock visited 3 May

            -Math and ELA testing done and scored this week

            -BOGO bookfair this week

            -Staff appreciation breakfast on 4 May

            -Field testing 13 May

            -Crazy hat day coming up

            -Target 3 training on 17 May

            -Students participating in Nyssma on 21st

            -3rd grades to Upper Canada Village, 5th to Tupper Lake Wild Center

            -Kelly Raynor from Grand Canyon U hosting luncheon on 19th

            -Staff development posted on website

            -2 teams for Relay for Life

            -Dibels testing starts on 17 May


            Middle School


            Middle School Student


            Franklin Academy


            Franklin Academy student

            -Rotary Interact Club trying to stop use of retard as insult

            -“1 Word at a Time” video suggested

            -Student Council met regarding 8th grade move

            -8th grade wing set up, HS access only at lunch

            -Change of day cycle (2 day instead of 3)

            -Anime Club fund raiser with the girl scouts: Japanese Culture Night, 21 May

            -3rd quarter report cards mailed out

-Prom tickets sold till 7 May

-Elections for student council and homeroom reps this month



            -Budget hearing

            -3 running for 2 open spots; Michelle Schumacher, Heidi Miletich, and Steve Dupree

            -14 ˝ positions cut through attrition

            -Tax levy at less than 3 %



            -Contract negotiations still on hold

            -Albany hearing on 17th or 18th









            -District wide literacy plan-revisit in June for feedback

            -Looking at use of grant funding


Old Business

            -Goal 1-Perception Survey

            -My Voice Survey has arrived, being given to Jrs and Srs

            -Many new tools and requirements upcoming

            -Teacher and Pricipal evals coming

            -Hopeful for Race to the Top selection


            -Goal 2-Reconfiguration

            -Forming sub-committee to address PMA, looping, and regular classrooms


            -Goal 3-Comprehensive Strategic Instructional Plan

            -District Wide Literacy Committee established

            -Summer BOCES workshops being explored

            -Departmental tests

            -Data driven assessments

            -SED proposed changes to teacher and principal eval process

            -1/2 days for next year chosen; 8 and 29 October, 18 Feb, and 17 March


New Business

            -Goals for next year brainstormed

                        -use of videos in special areas

                        -building project updates

                        -update on 8th graders by Jerry Griffin (October date?)

                        -testing and scoring (lack of subs) impact



-Next DWSIC meeting 8 June at FA Room 113, 3:15 p.m.


Meeting adjourned by Carol Hunter at 4:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa J. Smith

St. Joseph’s Community School