Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 13 March 2012

2:45 p.m. – Room 157 FA


Committee Members Present: Caralee Kardash, Heather Hans, Helen Martin, Jackie McCarthy, Carol Van Riper


Committee Absent:  Keely Dunshee, Steve Dupree, Kitty Eldridge, Jerry Griffin, Darcy Rabideau, Dan Shaffer


Meeting called to order by Melissa J Smith at 2:50 p.m.


Minutes of 14 February 2012 were amended; comment was struck regarding Betty Little.


Shareholder Reports


            -17 February 1/2 day staff development spent with Stephanie Affinito on Common Core and Dibbles

            -1st and 2nd grade concert at MMs went beautifully

            -In school concert the following day

            -2 March Dr Seuss day, children dressed up as characters

            -Positive feedback on new staffs working together this week

            -Spring Fling is Thursday



            -1/2 day in February spent meeting with St Joe’s grade level meetings inventorying materials

            -Dr Seuss read aloud day happened school wide

            -Mission of Hope raised funds to sponsor Nicaraguan school children

            -On 20 March, Fiddler on the Roof will be presented to Flanders

            -28th has the bookfair, winter picnic, Academic Showcase, and Hawaiian Day


            St. Joseph’s

            -Academic Showcase and ziti dinner on 15 February was well attended

            -Students raised $1700 for Jump Rope for Heart

            -Mrs. Varin meeting with student reps for yearbook

-Children’s and adult used book sale benefitting PTO planned

-Olympics this Thursday, the 15th


            Middle School


Middle School Student


            Franklin Academy


            Franklin Academy student





            -Contract voted down

            -Negotiations recommenced with proposals and counter proposals





            -Received approval for Lap application, for training and funding

            -Social event planned for 30 March, a dinner dance

            -Developed a Curriculum Review Committee, with all levels represented






Old Business (Reconfiguration)

-How will present IST paperwork/files be distributed to new buildings as we reconfigure?  It will be the same as many other records that have to be transferred.  A master list of students leaving that particular school will be created and all accompanying records will be culled together and delivered to the principal of the new school.


-Will there be a universal method for entering or recording IST information?

(It is hoped that each building will use the same format so that students who do move to a new catchment area are dealt with similarly.  It will also be important for the Middle School staff to receive data on students that follows the same format. Yes.  This is something we should probably do anyway.


            -Will the current ˝ day Pre-K be full day or ˝ day next year?  We will have 3 full day programs and 2 half-day programs.


New Business

            -Shared Decision Making Plan approved



-Next DWSIC meeting 8 May at FA Room 157, 2:45 p.m.


Meeting adjourned by Melissa J Smith at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa J. Smith

St. Joseph’s Community School