Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 9 March 2010

3:15 p.m. – Room 113, FA


Committee Members Present: BOE(Carol Hunter), Donna Bushey, Mary Carr, Rachel Haas, Kathy LaBare, Laura Hunter, Helen Martin, Sarah Mosher, Chris Stromer, Carol Van Riper, Jennifer Whittaker


Committee Absent: McKenzie Briere, Sophie Child, Keely Dunshee


Meeting called to order by Chris Stromer at 3:20p.m.


Minutes of 9 February 2010 were approved with 2 corrections.


Shareholder Reports


            -2 March was Dr. Seuss Day

            -Kindergarten registration 8-12 March

            -Cooperative Extension Ag Literacy Day 16 March

            -Bucket Filler Assembly for students on ˝ day March 18

            -Teacher Session for Bucket Filler and Grade Level meetings 18 March pm

            -Staff Development 19 March, am and pm sessions

            -Kindergarten Concert 31 March at Middle School



            -Several staff attending DW Lit Plan meeting

            -Preparing for June Funfest


            St. Joseph’s

            -Prepping for March Classroom Olympics on 18 March

            -Stephanie Affinito attending small group readings

            -Target 3 training on 24 March

            -Staff Development on 18th and 19th March


            Middle School

            -Staff Dev. 18th and 19th March with 7 Essential Elements of Middle School

            -Looking at what pieces are missing and creating goals

            -Map new bldg plan and temp homes during construction

            -Issues with E-School during progress report times

            -Discipline referrals down 33%

            -Overlapping testing coming up

            -24 March Academic Showcase

            -PBIS reward on 1 April


            Middle School Student

            -Dance 12 March

            -Selling Jerry’s Kids Shamrocks

            -Lip Sync phenomenal

            -Celebrated Dr. Seuss Day

            -Raising money for Haiti


            Franklin Academy

            -10 March Blood Drive

            -Musical, 26 and 27 March, All Shook Up, tickets available

            -3 students to El Salvador with Rotary Inter Act

            -Department meetings on 18th and 19th March

            -Girls Basketball going to State Championships


            Franklin Academy student

            -Also selling Jerry’s Kids Shamrocks

            -Sophomore and freshmen fund raisers going on

            -Musical practice continues

            -Successful bake sale for Haiti



            -Reconfiguration Committee work done

            -Subcommittee work on PMA and looping starts

            -Prioritizing of Snow Days for return

            -2 more retirements

            -BOCES $ lower is good budget news

            -Workman’s Comp and Health Care $ up is not so good news

            -Budget election 18 May



            -Contract negotiations still on hold





            -Valentine’s Family activity went well

            -Scholarship applications out there

            -EWY proposals due 15 March

            -5 retirements

            -Awaiting passage of 55/25 law




            -Niagara Chocolates earned $1400, actually 1000 less than normal

            -3 o’clock PTA meeting failed, sticking with 6 o’clock one, meet tonight

            -Relay for Life Team forming

            -Valentine’s Craft Day went well

            -Swim Night on 26 March



            -Grant writing

            -Reports to SED

            -MMS and MSJ tech grant

            -10% poverty level +School in Need=25 thousand for 10 classrooms

            -Public Health Community Coalition grant for 2 community gardens ($4000)

                        -1 garden at YMCA and 1 at Davis courtyard (raised bed type)

            -Budget issues 

            -Request for tech teacher at 3-5th level or MMS

            -All Users issues being cleared up

            -19 February EAP compliance modules completed by MSJ personnel

            -EAP vice president will be on hand 18 and 19 March for questions

            -Observations and Superintendent hearings

            -1-Call training soon


Old Business

            -Goal 1-Perception Survey

            -Student council thought 90% would blow off survey if given in homeroom

                        -suggests student council, 2 reps from each homeroom, and 200 random

            -BOE okay with no survey given this year

            -2 bldg request survey-possibly looking to review administrator

                        -360% feedback has principal survey for $350


            -Goal 2-Reconfiguration

            -Committee work done, preliminary report going to BOE

            -Forming sub-committee to address PMA, looping, and regular classrooms

            -Pre-K to 5 bathrooms still an issue


            -Goal 3-Comprehensive Strategic Instructional Plan

            -District Wide Literacy Committee has 2 more work days

                        -Dana Rutherford assisting committee

                        -includes IST, RTI, AIS (elementary only)

                        -final meeting 29 March

                        -trying to form IEPs that best meet needs of each student

                        -button off website outlining professional development at bldg levels


            -Shared Decision Plan feedback

            -very little received      

            -was confusing to many

            -will be redone correctly and commented will be kept on file


            -Chateaugay Scheduling model

            -tabled indefinably


New Business

            -April meeting date struck from calendar-occurs during break



-Next DWSIC meeting 11 May at FA Room 113, 3:15 p.m.


Meeting adjourned by Chris Stromer at 4:36 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa J. Smith

St. Joseph’s Community School