Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 8 June 2010

3:15 p.m. Ė Room 113, FA


Committee Members Present: Mary Carr, Keely Dunshee, Kathy LaBare, Helen Martin, Carol Van Riper, Jennifer Whittaker


Committee Absent: BOE(Carol Hunter), McKenzie Briere, Donna Bushey, Sophie Child, Rachel Haas, Laura Hunter, Sarah Mosher, Chris Stromer,


Meeting called to order by Melissa J. Smith at 3:20p.m.


Minutes of 11 May 2010 were approved.


Shareholder Reports

††††††††††† Davis

††††††††††† -Reading teachers completed DIBELS and Fontas & Pinnell testing

††††††††††† -PMA Olders & 2nd grade students visiting St. Joes & Flanders

††††††††††† -Field trips on going

††††††††††† -Pre-K Moving Up Day

††††††††††† -Kindergarten graduations

††††††††††† -End of the year celebrations

††††††††††† -SIC funds purchased Bucket Filler books for classrooms

††††††††††† -Slide show scheduled Thursday 24 June

††††††††††† -June 10th ice cream served in cafeteria, donation by Stewarts through PTA

††††††††††† -Luncheon celebration Wednesday 23 June


††††††††††† Flanders


††††††††††† St. Josephís

††††††††††† -1 June 5th grades went to Wild Center in Tupper

††††††††††† -Target 3 training finishes on 2 June

††††††††††† -3rd grade to Upper Canada Village on 4 June

††††††††††† -Grade 4 Science test given and scored

††††††††††† -Staff received update from CSArch on building projects

††††††††††† -5th grades to visit middle school

††††††††††† -2nd grades and PMA Olders to visit St. Joes

††††††††††† -16 June School picnic

††††††††††† -22 June Fun Day

††††††††††† -23 June Moving Up Day

††††††††††† -24 June 3rd and 4th grade awards assembly


††††††††††† Middle School

††††††††††† -Voted on 3 SIC goals that closely relate to 7 Essential Elements

††††††††††† -Giving and scoring Grade 8 science exam this week

††††††††††† -Foreign language proficiency testing on final week

††††††††††† -Preparation for moving grades and classrooms are made

††††††††††† -Construction plans delayed awaiting SED approval

††††††††††† -Year end PBIS reward day being planned

††††††††††† -Field trips taken by the 8th grade

††††††††††† -8th grade celebration and academic awards finalized

††††††††††† -June Dance is the 12th

††††††††††† -End of the year luncheon planned


††††††††††† Middle School Student


††††††††††† Franklin Academy

††††††††††† -Finals are being taken

††††††††††† -Gearing up for Regents Week

††††††††††† -Prom was successful

††††††††††† -Donít drink and Drive promotion by SADD went well


††††††††††† Franklin Academy student


††††††††††† BOE


††††††††††† CSEA

††††††††††† -Contract negotiations still on hold


††††††††††† MAA


††††††††††† MFT

††††††††††† -Retirement Tea given at Golf Club to honor 5 retirees

††††††††††† -Academic Awards night on 14 June

††††††††††† -Making Strides for Cancer fundraiser involving a variety of goodie baskets

††††††††††† -Sponsoring several teams in Relay for Life 18-19 June at the Fairgrounds


††††††††††† Parent

††††††††††† -Staff appreciation week held at Davis

††††††††††† -9 PTA members on Relay for Life team

††††††††††† -Author night with Steve Swinburne went well

††††††††††† -Grandparentís social went well

††††††††††† -6 attended a wood chip bee

††††††††††† -Ice cream social on the 9th and 10th

††††††††††† -Consignment sale netted $600


††††††††††† Superintendent


Old Business

††††††††††† -Goal 1-Perception Survey


††††††††††† -Goal 2-Reconfiguration


††††††††††† -Goal 3-Comprehensive Strategic Instructional Plan

††††††††††† -District Wide Literacy Committee roll out


New Business

††††††††††† -Goals for next year brainstormed

††††††††††††††††††††††† -scoring alternatives in planning stages with informal survey of options



-Next DWSIC meeting 14 September at FA Room 113, 3:15 p.m.


Meeting adjourned by Melissa J. Smith at 3:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa J. Smith

St. Josephís Community School