Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 9 June 2009

3:15 p.m. – LMC at Flanders


Committee Members Present: Mary Carr, Marissa Perez, Carole Raymonda, Chris Stromer, Sue Tillinghast, Jennifer Whittaker


Committee Absent: BOE, Alicia Berney, Donna Bushey, Jerry Griffin, Peg Hungerford, Danielle Johnson, William LaDuke, Grace Nichols, Carol Van Riper,


Meeting called to order by Secretary Melissa Smith at 3:15 p.m.


Minutes of 10 March 2009 were approved.

Minutes of 12 May 2009 were approved.


Shareholder Reports


            -4 June, play with Mr. Fisher’s class, Bordeaux and Sullivan’s class assisting

            -17 June ice cream social

            -School quality review

            -June 22 and 23 Kindergarten graduation



            -Nate Marshall to perform at June PBIS

            -Parent survey returned 32 positive

            -Concerns about SIC money for Perception Surveys

            -Chris Stromer to consult with Tim Whipple, report back


            St. Joseph’s

            -29 May included PBIS assembly with Adirondack Heritage Garden planting

            -5th grade orientation at MMS

            -2nd graders and PMA’s visited St. Joe’s

            -St. Joe’s Idol coming soon

            -Perception Surveys distributed for later analysis

            -3rd grade to Upper Canada Village

            -4th grade to Wilder Farm

            -5th grade to Gouverneur High School


            Middle School

            -PBIS day included BMX biking

            -9 June testing for grade 8 earth science

            -7th grade to visit the Wild Center

            -8th grade to visit Ausable Chasm

            -French class to visit Quebec City pen pals

            -New schedule next year featuring “home bases”

            -7 June 8th grade dance

            -23 June concert


            Franklin Academy

            -Prom pictures up on web site

            -FA IDOL 11 June

            -Perception Surveys out

            -Chess Club to state competition

            -Swinging Sounds to Holy Family, teachers upset at timing        

            -Softball to Final Four

            -15 June Spring Fling

            -Regents scheduled 16-25 June

            -Concerns about MMS change in Science courses, honors bio and earth science

            -Graduation 27 June





            -Elections held

            -Contract negotiations next year





            -Academic Awards held

            -Retirement Tea

            -Informal contract negotiations

            -Contract ends in June

            -19 June Social

            -14 June Family picnic



            -End of year transitional meetings of PTA held on-line

            -Grandparents social successfully held

            -17 June ice cream social

            -Book fair held

            -$250 scholarship to a senior

            -Bonesteele’s donated decorations for Kindergarten graduation




Old Business

-Wellness Committee report moved indefinitely

-Perception Survey discussion held, Chris Stromer to report back with findings


New Business




-Website for DWSIC can be found at www.malonecsd.org\dwsic

-Next DWSIC meeting 8 September at FA Room 113, 3:15 p.m.


Meeting adjourned by Secretary Melissa Smith at 3:36 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa J. Smith

St. Joseph’s Community School