Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 11 January 2011

3:15 p.m. Ė Room 113, FA


Committee Members Present: Donna Bushey, Jack Cummings, Keely Dunshee, Katie Dupree, Steve Dupree, Kitty Eldridge, Victoria Karleskent, Kathy LaBare, Helen Martin, Jackie McCarthy, Carol Van Riper


Committee Absent: Laura Hunter, Jennifer Whittaker


Meeting called to order by Jackie McCarthy at 3:20p.m.


Minutes of 14 December 2010 were approved.


Shareholder Reports

††††††††††† Davis

††††††††††† -Fountas and Pinnell reading level testing ongoing

††††††††††† -Round 2 of Box Tops for Education begins

††††††††††† -Students practicing for Winter Concert


††††††††††† Flanders

-Fountas and Pinnell reading level testing ongoing

-Math score analysis starting

-1/3 of student body (77) attending ski program


††††††††††† St. Josephís

††††††††††† -Academic showcase scheduled for 16 February

††††††††††† -Winter picnic

††††††††††† -Month long food drive

††††††††††† -PBIS bowling trip scheduled for 28 January

††††††††††† - Fountas and Pinnell reading level testing ongoing


††††††††††† Middle School

††††††††††† -8th graders attending NFEC tour

††††††††††† -Dr. Tim McNamara visiting January 13 and 14 for differentiation of math instruction

††††††††††† - Scheduling specialist Elliot Merenbloom visiting††††††††††


††††††††††† Middle School Student

††††††††††† -Friday skiing trip extremely well attended


††††††††††† Franklin Academy


††††††††††† Franklin Academy student


††††††††††† BOE

††††††††††† -Received Capital Project update

††††††††††† -PreK-5 Reconfiguration committee still meeting and on minds


††††††††††† CSEA

††††††††††† -Labor Relations Specialist Diane Johnson training


††††††††††† MAA


††††††††††† MFT

††††††††††† -Helping form a BOCES wide teacher evaluation within the parameters of APPR

††††††††††† -Scheduling specialist Elliot Merenbloom visiting

††††††††††† -Waiting on Governor Cuomo


††††††††††† Parent


††††††††††† Superintendent

††††††††††† -Budgeting season has begun

††††††††††† -Race to the Top ongoing

††††††††††† -New and refresher TERC training ongoing

††††††††††† -Increase Achieve 3000 licenses, Fast Fore Word, Successmaker Reading and Math

††††††††††† -New databases requested by Library Media Specialists

††††††††††† -Discovery video returning next year

††††††††††† -Staff development activities scheduled

††††††††††† -Scheduling specialist Elliot Merenbloom visiting each level

††††††††††† -30 registered to do formative assessments

††††††††††† -Science curriculum prioritization soon

††††††††††† - Ginger Rivers scheduled Math committees meetings with Cindy Soper and Paula Walter

††††††††††† -Teacher/Principal APPR meeting @ BOCES


Old Business

††††††††††† -Perception Survey

††††††††††† -Concerns include previous costs, cumbersomeness, wait till after reconfiguration, is it possible to get survey samples, how often given, what to evaluate,

††††††††††† -Survey Monkey possible for staff and students

††††††††††† -Usually given to staff at March Superintendentís Day

††††††††††† -Do we want survey driven goals or goals determined by data

††††††††††† -Do we want DWSIC goals based on SICs goals

††††††††††† -Comprehensive Strategic Instructional Plan

††††††††††† -Formative assessment plan is part of Race to the Top

††††††††††† - Scheduling of Elementary Social Studies and Science

††††††††††† -Math prioritized, committee meeting with Cindy Soper and Paula Walter

††††††††††† -Science needs to be next, with Pam Pelkey and Charlene Rydgren

††††††††††† -State Ed site has a fantastic planning document

††††††††††† -Creating Reading Independence through Student Owned Strategies (CRISS) at the elementary and 6-12 level

††††††††††† -Rachelís Challenge

††††††††††† -Presented to BOE

††††††††††† -Marry to PBIS at elementary level, start with new school year

††††††††††† -Continue to search funding sources and gain support


-New Business-



-Next DWSIC meeting 8 February at FA Room 113, 3:15 p.m.


Meeting adjourned by Jackie McCarthy at 4:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa J. Smith

St. Josephís Community School