Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 12 January 2010

3:15 p.m. Room 113, FA


Committee Members Present: Sophie Childs, Donna Bushey, Mary Carr, Rachel Haas, Kathy LaBare, Helen Martin, Sarah Mosher, Chris Stromer, Carol Van Riper, Jennifer Whittaker


Committee Absent: McKenzie Briere, BOE, Jerry Griffin


Meeting called to order by Kathy LaBare at 3:20 p.m.


Minutes of 8 December 2009 were approved with 1 correction.


Shareholder Reports


-TERC team (data analysis) video conference and final meeting in January

-Literacy Center Study Group has 27 teachers presenting centers they created

-BEST Assembly for January theme-Courtesy and Respect

-Handwriting Without Tears training day for Pre K, K, and TA is 28 January

-Stephanie Affinito rescheduled to visit Davis 27 January

-1st grade field trip to VIC Center for outdoor snowshoe trails

-Bi-monthly Literacy Meetings-reading teachers and administration


-Bus greeting has started to touch base with the drivers

-Classes shall have read alouds with a guest

St. Josephs

-600 Make a Wish Angels purchased (double expectations)

-Concert on 17 December went beautifully

-PBIS December trip to Massena to see Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

-Ski Club has started

-Supplies and budgeting is ongoing

-Planning Winter Olympics with classes

-Backwards Day 21 January


Middle School

-Discipline referrals are way down

-Ski Club has started

-Supplies and budgeting started

-Staff Biggest Loser started, will last 13 weeks

-PBIS reward planning

-No feedback on Shared Decision Making

-1/2 day staff development will be spent team building

-Yearbook sales continue


Middle School Student

-Dance on Friday to benefit PBIS and student council

-Theme Day include PJ Day and Inside Out Day

-Lip Sync auditions started

-Lip Sync 26 February $3.00


Franklin Academy

-Play Moby Dick was a success

-Push for catching seniors with year classes to pass

-Epsilon Ball 30 January

-Concerts and Regents Week approaching

-Musical, All Shook Up, practice started


Franklin Academy student

-Student Council formed 2 goals

-1. Upgrade tech to include flat screen televisions in cafes and lobby

-2. How to keep kids in school or get them to return to school





-Contract negotiations ongoing

-1st Aid training offered





-6 new Special Ed coordinator postings to be filled by 1 February



-Niagara Chocolate Fundraiser started

-Christmas Craft Fair and Swim Night successful

-Concert planned for 4 February

-Spring Fling planned for 18 March



-Harassment and Discrimination Module training 12 February (Link on EAP)

-Professional development committee planning meeting

-Survey regarding 3 or 4 -day staff developments next year

-TERC video conference

-Ad hoc meeting and sub interviews

-Marcy Bright and Dana Rutherford conducting SQR meetings

-Fine tuning of the RTI process

-2-3 new families enrolling weekly

-Working on budgets with principals, cut backs and attrition


Old Business

-Goal 1-Perception Survey

-Looking at My voice survey from Pearson

-considered excellent, 1-2 sided page taking 15 minutes tops to complete

-pricey, 400 surveys=$2000

-looking for funding, perhaps 1 grade per building


-Goal 2-Reconfiguration

-Absences from meetings and no facilitator

-Next meeting 19 January

-Cachement boundaries being worked on

-Questions surrounding pre-K, Young 5s, report cards

-Timeline questioned

-Can obstacles be overcome?

-Goal 3-Comprehensive Strategic Instructional Plan

-1 more day of TERC training


New Business


-See above Goal 1

-Shared Decision Making Plan

-consensus is to not make changes



-Next DWSIC meeting 9 February at FA Room 113, 3:15 p.m.


Meeting adjourned by Kathy LaBare at 4:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa J. Smith

St. Josephs Community School