Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, 8 December 2009

3:15 p.m. – Room 113, FA


Committee Members Present: McKenzie Briere, Donna Bushey, Mary Carr, Rachel Haas, Kathy LaBare, Helen Martin, Jennifer Whittaker


Committee Absent: BOE, Jerry Griffin, Sarah Mosher, Chris Stromer, Carol Van Riper


Meeting called to order by Mary Carr at 3:18 p.m.


Minutes of 10 November 2009 were approved with 2 corrections.


Shareholder Reports


            -Donna Bushey presented to PMA and 2nd grade on website data mentor

            -Helen Tracy starting Backpacks for Kids on 10 December

            -Kiwanis Read Aloud 11 December

            -Stephanie Affinito visit to develop lit. centers and answer ELA questions 16 Dec

            -Santa visit 2x, 14-15 December

            -Jim McCarthy sing along 22 December




            St. Joseph’s

            -5th grade Social Studies test taken and scored

            -Comlinks backpack program started 19 November

            -300 Make a Wish Angels purchased for sale by students

            -Concert on 17 December

            -PBIS December trip to Massena to see Tales of a fourth grade nothing


            Middle School

            -$22 yearbook sales slow

            -Quarterly PBIS reward planning for January

            -Bus drill done till spring

            -Planning staff development around 7 Essential Elements of Middle School

            -Mission statement regarding “Whole child” formed

            -Centralized printing issues, confidentiality and ease of quick 1 off print

            -Construction starts June 2010

            -Christmas concert 9 December


            Middle School Student

            -Dance on 11 December

            -Tupperware sale before holidays


            Franklin Academy

            -Winter concert 10 December

            -Food drive ongoing for needy


            Franklin Academy student

            -Student Council formed 2 goals

                        -1. Upgrade tech to include flat screen televisions in cafes and lobby

                        -2. How to keep kids in school or get them to return to school





            -Contract negotiations ongoing





            -Concerns over reconfiguration

            -Central printing issues



            -PTA meets 8 December

            -Box Top Pizza Party Contest started

            -4 children chosen from Toys for Tots

            -Craft Day 19 December from 10-12am

            -Santa visits 1st and 2nd grade on 14 December

            -Santa visits pre-K and K on 15 December



            -A-fund review audit underway

            -Business office aware of printing issues

            -Escaped mid year cuts, serious trimming for next year, staff cuts by attrition

            -Central administration teams meeting Fridays with rotating Bldg principals

            -Wellness Committee meeting 17 December-revising recess and classroom food

            -One Call Now is ready for pricing


Old Business

            -Goal 1-Perception Survey

            -Looking at My voice survey from Pearson

                        -Grade 3 and up


                        -Perhaps purchasing the Resource Guide

                        -Looking at corporate sponsorship

            -One Call Now has a survey tool


            -Goal 2-Reconfiguration

                        -Committee has met once

                        -Broken in to 4 sub-committees, cachement area, transportation, facilities,                                             and educational impact

                        -Will reconvene 14 December


            -Goal 3-Comprehensive Strategic Instructional Plan

                        -Revising TERC training contract

                        -Feedback has been good

                        -Becoming better trained in using data

                        -Fostering better communication among ranks

                        -Marlene LeRoy and Kathy Seymour attended worthwhile conference

                        -25 staff utilizing Data Mentor


New Business


                        -Jennifer Whitaker on Cachement sub-committee

                        -Donna Bushey on Educational Impact sub-committee

                        -Questions about Young Fives and Pre-K

                        -Questions regarding aggressive timeframe



-Shared Decision Making Plan revision year

-Wellness Committee addressing staff related issues (recess and food in rooms)

-Next DWSIC meeting 12 January at FA Room 113, 3:15 p.m.


Meeting adjourned by Mary Carr at 4:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa J. Smith

St. Joseph’s Community School